Banishing kit


This use focuses on things that no longer serve, people or places or ideas you wish to remove from your life and parts of you you wish to leave behind. For use in practices, ceremonies, rituals or simple spoken word to help you remove someone negative, to create inner boundaries, or cut ties to someone or a place or job or parts of yourself. It is made with a combination of panther oil and muscaroil. This mushroom is the boundary mushroom.To this oil I have added rosemary and crystals.

The periodic table of elements has a single element on it called Silicon. It is used in microchips because it can hold information. It is the single most abundant element in mineral stones. They are very good at holding vibration, energy, information, the universal hum and the geometry of reality. I asked this quartz to do a specific work and that was to hold the energy of boundaries, cutting, protecting the owner and to hold this information for the oil as the strength of the oil wanes. So don’t remove the stones. I made this request of them after I let them sit over night in a full moon and then in a full day sun.

I also include  real black tourmaline. This is known for its protective qualities. It has a backbone of silicon like crystal does but it is very complex having sodium, iron, aluminum, oxygen and hydrogen in it. This makes it more complex than the other gemstones. It has a complex hexagonal structure. These come from Carinthia in Austria.

It comes with a professionally printed card I had made on how to use this in different ways.

Comes with 2 metallic purple candles for cord cutting or  creating space for your boundaries.

It’s all packed in a really cool velvet drawstring bag.

Store in a box in a dark place out of sunlight but make sure it is in a place that holds positive energy for you.

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