BOLD Muscaroil


Illuminate your ceremony with the unveiled essence, a sacred companion guiding you through moments of deep spiritual connection

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On our journey, we must address the trauma that has been stored in our bodies throughout our lives. BOLD muscaroil is a topical oil designed to deliver amanita muscaria through the skin for immediate relief. Through whole extraction, this formula delivers an array of natural compounds that go straight to our muscles and nerves to help us release this stored trauma. 

Amanita muscaria is unique in that its active compounds are water-soluble, yet they have been used in oil-based remedies by ancient and modern cultures alike. This unique product was formulated based on the Russian practice of infusing the mushroom in bear fat. We have adapted this practice to create a vegan friendly product. BOLD muscaroil is a double strength extract of amanita muscaria in extra virgin olive oil using a variety of heating and cooling processes, providing powerful support in a topical gel. 

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