Massage Oil Clear Bottles  


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This is massage oil. It uses the BOLD muscaroil diluted for use over large areas of the body. This is 30mls of BOLD into 100ml of EVOO. It is corked and sealed with golden wax. There are two types of bottles, a round one and a more square one. The square one was originally a honey bottle from a local seller that I used and then repurposed. It has raised insignia on the glass about honey. 

They all have my logo sticker on it. This penetrates deeply to aid in the discomfort that comes from the work we do in healing and recovering from trauma, life experiences and work. As issues come up from our nervous system and speak to the muscles along this way we can wind up unable to deal with things normally and need some healing hands and the medicine within these loving fungi.

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Weight 12 oz

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