Smart Relief Luxe


Even though all tinctures are amanita muscaria, it’s the amount of decarb that creates the different actives. Please scroll for more information below. 30ml bottle

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“This balanced tincture based on our founder’s original tea recipe gives you a simple way to recreate this treasured drink. Smart Relief Luxe combines ancient wisdom and modern science to help you discover a sense of balance, serene relief and an even mood. Smart Relief Luxe contains partially converted whole amanita muscaria extract. Created in a proprietary multi-step process that yields superior results.”

I worked on this with my friend Simon in Canada starting in 2020. We didn’t want to launch this until we both felt good about it. Another version using alcohol is available. This one is made with a sweet tasting glycerin for those who don’t want to use alcohol based tinctures. See the photos of our working together over the years. I hope you love this and that it serves you well.

I love you beautiful people.


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