Super Sleep Cream


Experience the tranquil allure of  sleep cream, a bedtime companion designed to cradle you in a cozy embrace, catching up on the sleep you deserve, and gently whisking you away to a dream-filled sanctuary.

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Back by overwhelming popular demand is the super sleep cream. It’s a super saturated magnesium solution with minerals and converted muscaroil. I only have the smaller tins this time. I have them in 3 colors so no guarantees what color you will get. There is black, white, and gold.

The water I used to saturate the magnesium is straight out of the north Georgia mountains. It’s about an hour and a half drive and I took jugs and bottles and got this water because it is loaded with natural minerals the body needs. I drink it and use it for tea. And for this.

I added magnesium under heat until it was as saturated as it could be.

I made the muscaroil with the regular 6 week extraction then heated and cooled 3 times for conversion, then I added bees wax, cocoa butter and a tiny drop of fir essential oil that’s barely there. Then I added the magnesium saturated mountain water last.

Apply when you are ready to go to bed. Put on inner wrists and forearms where the skin is thinner and the blood vessels are closer to the surface, get a tea and snuggle in. Packaged in tins that are reusable with a vinyl Amanita Dreamer logo sticker on the lid. Please reuse it!

Small tin is 2 ounces

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Weight 2.5 oz