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Date Reviewed Star Rating Comments

Order ID

Steven 01/21/2022 5 This is by all means the best shop on Etsy! 2284744229
Lisa 01/11/2022 5 Very pleased with everything! It always arrives in perfect shape and w a little personal note. Simply adorable. ❤️ 2286970263
Lauren Chirico 01/06/2022 5 she worked so hard for us to have our 🍄 gifts in time for winter solstice! such a special woman and shop! 2285094343
Lux 12/24/2021 5 cool beans mama mia hurray 2287652960
BeadsandFairies 12/17/2021 5 Very cute tin, and sweet mixture. And loved the samples! Thank you so much. 2285098669
BeadsandFairies 12/17/2021 5 Very pleased with it. It worked so well on my son’s eczema. Nothing ever worked so fast before. 2285098669
Tara 12/17/2021 5 Super glad to have been one of select few to still receive this product. Looks like the store has been taken down. I will have to go direct to the wonderful Dreamer, and I will! 2287557991
Mindi088 12/16/2021 5 2284795027
Mindi088 12/16/2021 5 Magic in a bottle 2284795027
Jeff 12/16/2021 5 Absolutely amazing thank you. 2289224600
Renee 12/15/2021 5 Product arrived safely and matched the descriptions provided. Included was a free sample of a new product too❤️ 2287812530
Monica Hampton 12/15/2021 5 keeps my face very well hydrated during these winter months, I even get compliments that I’m glowing :) 2287589788
Monica Hampton 12/15/2021 5 love love this new item. had been on my feet all day and they were hurting. had my husband massage my feet with this oil within 30mins no pain 2287589788
Monica Hampton 12/15/2021 5 lovely blend, so relaxing 😌 2287589788
Heather 12/14/2021 5 Very nice quality! 2220509272
Clinton 12/13/2021 5 2252447706
JASON R DODDS 12/13/2021 5 I got refunded from an earlier order with out asking, which totally surprised me :) Ms. Dreamer has wonderful communication skills, and am excited to try her products. 2288190804
michael 12/13/2021 5 2287706644
Tina 12/12/2021 5 2287983286
Tina 12/12/2021 5 2287983286
Tina 12/12/2021 5 2287983286
Tina 12/12/2021 5 2287983286
Daniel 12/11/2021 5 Beautiful!  was definitely made with Love.

Thank you for sharing

Carla 12/11/2021 5 Beautiful oil in a quality roller bottle, very smooth application. also the complimentary magic lips is a perfect consistency thank you👍 2288136574
Dennis 12/10/2021 5 Love this item . It is worth the money because good things that don’t come easy to ‘get’ or ‘make’ or’ sale’ cost a little more money . Thank you Amanita 2286011771
Monica Hampton 12/10/2021 5 very well crafted and I enjoy this product 😀 2287589788
Nat 12/08/2021 5 Loved it. Thank you for your creation 2248184854
Alvin 12/08/2021 5 I ordered the full size tin of this product and the smaller version came, but I told the seller of the mix up and she was very responsive and accommodating. She offered a refund or a shipment of the correct item, and I chose to have the item since this product is amazing! Very relaxing and it put me in a great mood, I highly recommend this shop! 2284855073
Kasey 12/03/2021 3 I don’t really like the smoke. It’s just me. 2249033456
Nat 12/03/2021 5 Loved it ❤️ 2246639765
P 12/02/2021 5 2248043408
P 12/02/2021 5 2248043408
rentiyl 12/01/2021 5 2223496501
rentiyl 12/01/2021 5 2223496501
Lisa 12/01/2021 5 I love the oil.. and the fact that Amanita Dreamer adds a little hand written card… 💜 2248079972
David 11/30/2021 5 Arrived super fast. Definitely will buy again. 2252377866
JASON R DODDS 11/29/2021 5 2250362586
rentiyl 11/29/2021 5 2223496501
Meg 11/28/2021 5 2248172846
Meg 11/28/2021 5 2249007930
John 11/27/2021 5 well packaged and shipped fast  ! 2248503170
John 11/27/2021 5 well packaged and shipped fast  ! 2248503170
John 11/27/2021 5 well packaged and shipped fast  ! 2248503170
Will 11/24/2021 5 2246433241
Susan 11/24/2021 5 2181639250
Racheal 11/23/2021 5 Awesome quality. Thanks so much Amanita Dreamer for the work you are doing! 2220431346
Joshua 11/21/2021 5 Beautiful as usual. everything about this shop and it’s owner is amazing. she puts her heart into all the products and it shows. 2248265372
ecarozzalvt 11/21/2021 4 I really can’t review it as I bought this as a gift and for me but only 1 packet arrived and I got a refund for the other. From what I heard it was quite nice as I felt gifting was more important. :) 2221668739
James 11/21/2021 5 Could tell this item was made with love 2250403640
James 11/21/2021 5 I could feel these items were made with love 2250403640
Slimehoneybear 11/20/2021 4 2250571185
Wayne 11/16/2021 5 very interesting smoke, enhances other things you smoke with it. 2175993869
Bjorn 11/10/2021 5 2221704943
Chante 11/03/2021 5 Delicious blend, super light and fluffy. Not harsh very relaxing. 2221667901
e 10/31/2021 5 2220471994
e 10/31/2021 5 2220471994
e 10/31/2021 5 2220471994
LMP ECO ART 10/30/2021 5 Wonderful products. Right on time. Thank You 🙏🏽 very Mush! 🍄❤️✨ 2221413094
Devin 10/29/2021 5 It is fine. A little pricey 2221635715
Richard 10/29/2021 5 Always a great job on this product. 2220453134
Christopher 10/27/2021 5 Very quick shipping, sleek packaging, and contained a nice thank you note. I look forward to trying the product on my neck. 2221651701
Steven 10/21/2021 5 This store ,it’s products ,and the professionalism of its owner are top notch.thank you for all you do! 2176025527
Susan 10/08/2021 5 2181639250
Debbie 10/05/2021 5 Powerful herbal blend – arrived quickly & as described. I’m looking forward to trying her other creations soon. Love the amanita mushroom decal that came with it! 2122484708
Chloe lebouef 10/03/2021 5 Good for topical pain relief 2174021148
Mennu 10/03/2021 5 Awesome being! One of the few to sale you a fish and teach you how to fish as well. Awesome goods!!!! 2177588229
rentiyl 10/02/2021 5 2176005339
rentiyl 10/02/2021 5 2176005339
rentiyl 10/02/2021 5 2176005339
Richard 10/01/2021 5 Ready to try. Shipped fast 2175452062
Richard 10/01/2021 5 Well packaged great hand mad product. 2177718071
Richard 10/01/2021 5 Love her videos. I hate that Youtube censors her so bad. Hope she keeps up the good fight. 2177718071
Richard 10/01/2021 5 Great purchase. Will buy agian. 2175452062
Royce 09/26/2021 1 Not what I expected, did not read the description thoroughly. very small bag. makes maybe one cup of tea or two at best. $50 a pop. Did not live up to expectations. Very little if any beneficial effects. Now the 2oz tincture is amazing. Much cheaper, multiple doses and very effective. From now on I’ll use my hard earned money for the tincture, not a $50 one dose tea with marginal effects. 2175231336
lynnerbinner 09/24/2021 5 Everything I could have hoped for and better.  LOVE this blend.  Smells and tastes so sweet.  :) 2173760308
lynnerbinner 09/24/2021 5 Love this combination and the Tin/AD Sticker is super classy and clean.  THANK YOU! 2173760308
lynnerbinner 09/24/2021 5 Wonderful & Magical for sure.  Thank you, AD. xoxo 2173760308
lynnerbinner 09/24/2021 5 LOVE THIS!  Truly Magical Cream! :D 2173766728
lynnerbinner 09/24/2021 5 Love the bottle; love the product/oil even more!  SO honored to carry this amazing medicine around so conveniently (and colorfully)!  THANK YOU! 2173760308
lynnerbinner 09/24/2021 5 I feel like a true Queen to be in possession of this powerful medicine/serum.  The color itself; magical!!!!  THANK YOU! 2173766728
lynnerbinner 09/24/2021 5 Tastey and so powerfully relaxing.  Can already feel a difference.  Thank you! 2173766728
lynnerbinner 09/24/2021 5 Potent and Powerful.  I love this.  Happy Thank you More Please.  :) 2173766728
lynnerbinner 09/24/2021 5 SUCH a unique blend.  I am SO grateful for this sacred medicine. 2173766728
lynnerbinner 09/24/2021 5 Incredible product; mindfully created with TLC.  THANK YOU!  :D 2173766728
PENGuinSHOW 09/23/2021 5 2176061373
PENGuinSHOW 09/23/2021 5 2176061373
Heidi 09/22/2021 5 2173624824
Michael 09/20/2021 5 I had a bit of chronic neck pain and rubbed a tiny bit of the cream on and it the pain had subsided. definitely enjoying this product, thank you AD! 2177274521
mryanh1982 09/19/2021 5 2176004895
Renard 09/18/2021 5 Can’t wait to try it! 2176052173
Renard 09/18/2021 5 Can feel the relaxing of my stressed shoulder and neck muscles 🖤 2176052173
Matthew Hoskins 09/18/2021 5 I’m going to buy more next time!!! 😎 2177193463
Thomas 09/16/2021 4 The shipment arrived much sooner than expected and was  well packaged Thanks! Unfortunately the medicine didn’t work for me. This is NOT a negative review of the product. It is most likely due to my body chemistry. Other such medicines have NO effect on me. Bummer. But to everyone else, Happy Dreaming! 2143562726
Drew 09/16/2021 5 Promptly shipped, Item as described. <3 2173734080
Drew 09/16/2021 5 Shipping was prompt. Thank you Dreamer!! <3 2173734080
Matthew Hoskins 09/11/2021 5 I loved it! The taste was beautiful! 2118350251
PENGuinSHOW 09/10/2021 5 Love Amanita Dreamer’s offerings. Truly, the energy in all that she makes is felt and appreciated. This oil is lovely. Feels rich and warm on the skin. Many thanks! 2147855739
Jeanna 09/06/2021 5 Relieved back pain. Awesome product. 2146794593
Ryan 09/06/2021 5 2145208448
Ryan 09/06/2021 5 2145208448
Ben Wiley 09/05/2021 5 Nice mellow evening burn, giving way to a clear-headed, energetic morning. 2143509310
Ben Wiley 09/05/2021 5 Lovely shopping experience.  Much thanks to AmanitaDreamer! 2143509310
DeAnna 09/01/2021 5 2143127246
DeAnna 09/01/2021 5 2143127246
DeAnna 09/01/2021 5 2143127246
Stephanie 08/29/2021 5 I love you and your products! 2143208648
Jen 08/27/2021 5 I’m treating it like gold. Great packaging and shipping. 2143088098
Jen 08/27/2021 5 Thank you for the great products and your generous information. 2143088098
Jen 08/27/2021 5 Great quality. Super fast shipping. I’m still exploring my purchases and I’m super excited to rewatch Amanita Dreamer’s videos as I learn my way in amanita. 2143088098
P 08/25/2021 5 2147487151
Loribellydancer 08/23/2021 5 2146755787
rentiyl 08/17/2021 5 2118210651
themartins7 08/11/2021 5 Nice tin arived on time great deal. 2126579909
Eric 08/09/2021 5 I gave it to my friend that previously has found no relief for a physical therapy mal practice.  It is working every time in that if vastly reduces her pain. 2115926054
timdiana 08/06/2021 5 Seems good quality, still getting to know the product. 2081513218
timdiana 08/06/2021 5 Actually received Rose Panther Oil. Both oils I’ve gotten are great. Also, thank you for the salve sample. I would like to make some. 2119642893
timdiana 08/06/2021 5 Oil great for back and hip pains 2081513218
Ermmmm 08/04/2021 5 I love the oil, I find it soothing in so many ways & the Amanita tattoos are absolutely adorable! 🍄 💖 2119023363
James 08/03/2021 5 Sweet dreams ineedily doo yo 2115223642
david 08/02/2021 5 2118290019
Shannon 07/31/2021 5 2117537042
Marie 07/30/2021 5 Love it!  In my am coffee & I don’t want to add any sweetener. 2115346616
Randall 07/28/2021 5 exactly as described, fast shipping 2119471251
mocksun 07/26/2021 5 Excellent transaction for a magically wonderful item. 2115406930
david 07/26/2021 5 Dreamy!!! 2118290019
david 07/26/2021 5 Brilliant product. Thank you 2118290019
Carol 07/25/2021 5 2118215599
jennifer 07/24/2021 5 I purchased this as well as the sweet dreams blend. Shipping was faster than expected and both products I recieved were excellent quality and have been put together with a lot of thought and care. I’m very pleased with my purchase and plan to be a repeat customer in the future. Thanks amanita dreamer! 2115527252
Carol 07/24/2021 5 2115215778
Carol 07/24/2021 5 2118207393
Melissa 07/21/2021 5 I love the tin that this came in! The complimentary temporary tattoo is beautiful, and I can’t wait to try the sample of magic cream!

Thank you so much for sharing your product and knowledge!!

Ellen 07/21/2021 5 Arrived quickly in a sweet container. Thanks ! 2099227181
Norman 07/12/2021 5 My wife has tried everything for her joint pain and nothing has worked as well as this oil. Thanks you so much for spreading the word about this amazing mushroom! 2107281485
A 07/11/2021 5 I love this store, great products! 2081603708
James 07/11/2021 5 Amazing as always. Frequent customer. 2052556850
Stephanie 07/10/2021 5 Helps heal zits, cuts and sores fast.  It also helps with pain.  Thank you so much, Dreamer! 2099851065
Marie 07/05/2021 5 Thank you A.D!  Such a great tattoo!     Also a cool gift to add to a letter or tuck in w/a gift.🍄❤ 2096020236
Marie 07/04/2021 5 A.D.,   You have the best quality products…

   Always made and sent with love.🍄❤

BeigesCloset 07/03/2021 5 This smells and feels amazing.  I tried a little and it is so cooling and soothing and soaks right into the skin.   It has a special feeling all its own.   I can tell it’s really concentrated and rich in active ingredients, a little goes a long way.   The jar was a little bigger and I got a little more than I expected.   It’s a really nice glass jar too.   I loved the free magnet and tattoo!

Happy 2nd Anniversary!   <3  Thanks for making it special for us too.

Cara 06/29/2021 5 Lovingly made and packaged. Thank you for these beautiful blends! 2086057981
Joshua 06/26/2021 5 Item was shipped and delivered ahead of expected schedule. Portion was larger than anticipated, and I expect to get more sessions than what is listed. Certainly could be variable individually, but I am more than pleased with this blend. A fantastic pre-sleep ritual for me! 2081611952
Norman 06/25/2021 5 Excellent product, arrived quickly and was securely packaged. I will definitely purchase from this seller again. Thanks so much for everything you do. 2094388099
Brad 06/23/2021 5 Wonderful product! I highly recommend! 2081925784
James 06/23/2021 5 Amazing incense for meditation. The aromas really help get me where I need to be. 2081634424
Stephanie 06/17/2021 5 Absolutely beautiful!  Excited to use the oil topically!  Thank you so much for the Magic Cream sample and the stickers and card! 2089263493
rentiyl 06/16/2021 5 2027463277
rentiyl 06/16/2021 5 2052496226
A 06/07/2021 5 Great products for amanita lovers! I love this shop! 2052537666
tiphanie1968 06/04/2021 5 I am confident that they are completely devoted to the art of natural health.  🙏❤️ 2052505484
Tara 06/03/2021 5 Amazing customer service and advice. Appreciate the little “happies” such as stickers/ temporary tattoo extras thrown in my box. Buy from this seller, her stuff is thoughtfully produced with the upmost care for all humans. 2060010163
laurabergoust 06/02/2021 5 Sparkles were dancing around this package and I felt electrified when I opened it. Love the beautiful glass holding a cornucopia of magic.

And I sure enjoyed sharing coffee with you the other morning !

jsltexas1 05/28/2021 5 Perfect end to the day. A great ritual to help me rest! 2052552020
jsltexas1 05/28/2021 5 Wonderful incense. Helps me relax after a stressful day. Oh and today I am making soma yogurt (plant based). Love your videos, I’ll let you know how the yogurt turns out. I’m an experienced yogurt maker so quite hopeful. Soy milk base with cashew yogurt for starter in my instant pot! Cross your fingers! 2052552020
BeigesCloset 05/24/2021 5 Thank you so much for this amazing oil!   

Thank you for making a special order for me.  I felt so special when I opened this.   You even signed it.    <3

I feel the love!

LUIS 05/24/2021 5 Interesting and nice, I am dreamer. The panther kiss oil spilled a little, little bit in the plastic bag and may I suggest to place a protective (tampering) seal. Thanks beautiful 2058539435
mocksun 05/23/2021 5 What a joyful little item. So happy. 2053610120
Brittany 05/16/2021 5 Always packaged with so much love, I have no word to explain how much I love these products! Iv been sharing them with my friends and family who also have anxiety and C-PTSD and they love them too!💕 2021245524
A 05/12/2021 5 Very excited to find this shop!  Wonderful blend, I love it! 2020744388
Inactive Etsy Member 05/11/2021 5 1999002577
Stephanie 05/04/2021 5 It really helps my pain from spasms and arthritis.  I highly recommend this product. 2027461367
laurabergoust 05/03/2021 5 Gorgeous bottle…. feels like a genie will pop out when I open it. I don’t know how to use this so I’m not sure when I will. I’ve been enjoying the massage oil immensely! Both bottles shipped quickly and are of high value. Thanks Amanita Dreamer! 2020490264
laurabergoust 05/03/2021 5 This was the most magical package I’ve ever received!! And the magic continued when I applied the lovely massage oil. I’ve only recently found Amanita Dreamer and I feel the love she infuses with divine essence magnifies the magnificent potential hidden within nature! This massage oil holds a surprising ethereal effervescence that will expand your connection to Source. 2020490264
Janelle 04/28/2021 5 2027489301
Sean 04/24/2021 5 This product leaves me in a vibe of relief and clarity. Also urges me to take a nap. Smell is nice and herbal.

Would recommend for stress reduction and mood lift.

BeigesCloset 04/21/2021 5 I love this.  I tried it on a small area on the back of my hand  just to try it out and it’s very gently warming with a lasting nice glow.   I can’t wait to try this on pain.  I love how it left my skin soft.  It also smells really good, mildly woodsy and lightly mushroomy.

Also the bottle is really beautiful.

Nick 04/19/2021 5 Amazing products made with love. Not sure if it could get any better. Thanks! 2027320997
Anja E. 04/16/2021 5 Would never imagine it could be this effective. My neck was killing me, and it seems I just rubbed the pain away applying the oil🤷‍♀️ 1996729755
Hila 04/15/2021 5 I decided to make tea with this herbal blend. It made me very relaxed. 1978964657
Jennifer 04/11/2021 5 So warming. Love it 😍 1951270392
BeigesCloset 04/11/2021 5 Smells beautiful.  I am so excited to try this.  It felt special receiving one of the mini saucers too.  I love this shop and Amanita Dreamer.   <3 1990130488
dianafulgham 04/03/2021 5 1990253890
beca 04/01/2021 5 thank you ! fast shipment, very special item. 😻 1991753740
Scott O’Connell 03/31/2021 5 Boy can you feel the love this is made with! Paired with some other herbs of your choice and this truly evokes a special type of special place in my heart. Thank you Amanita I will definitely be back in the store and I will surely be spreading the dream. 1996449325
tiphanie1968 03/30/2021 5 This has been the bright spot in my week thank you 1996656163
davidcooper90712 03/28/2021 5 Wonderful and relaxing blend, had to sit an extra few minutes just to enjoy the experience before I could get up and go do some more gardening. ✨🍃 1990979824
Dave 03/24/2021 5 as expected, simply the best, came delivered safely & beautifully packaged! 1979381969
Dave 03/24/2021 5 very nice!

blend smells wonderful!

a few words more..

amorris619 03/19/2021 5 Best pain oil EVER! I highly recommend this and anything from Amanita Dreamer. 1972469536
Rebecca 03/18/2021 5 Haven’t tried it yet but I’m optimistic that I’ll be pleased. The oil was very safely packaged. It arrived in perfect condition and early. Thanks! 1979503541
Spring 03/17/2021 5 So helpful for meditations .

In gratitude 🙏🏽

Louis 03/17/2021 5 Love it. Made with love and passion. My evenings are super chill and I feel relaxed. My sleep is also amazing when I use the blend. 1919854048
Rebecca 03/16/2021 5 Second order. Good stuff. Thanks! 1979503541
rainbowandsparkles 03/16/2021 5 Excellent transaction. Thank you very much. 1979150823
rainbowandsparkles 03/16/2021 5 Excellent transaction. Thank you very much. 1979577235
nancy 03/16/2021 5 This is a nice subtle blend. Can’t wait to get more! 1916862086
nancy 03/16/2021 5 Love this product! Really helps with tight neck and tmj.   : ) 1979021747
jsltexas1 03/11/2021 5 A perfect relaxing ritual for the end of a stressful (or any) day. AD you add the magic! 1976293686
jsltexas1 03/11/2021 5 This oil tincture works so well to soothe my inflamed tendons. Thank you for your magic touch AD! 1953608202
Diane 03/09/2021 5 Very lovely and euphoric blend incredibly fast shipping. Thank you Amanita Dreamer! 1972553480
Pamela 03/07/2021 5 I have never slept so good after burning “sweet dreams” incense! Highly recommended these products. 1934659993
Rebecca 03/05/2021 5 This oil is da bomb! Love it. Thanks! Thanks 1958501243
anthony 03/02/2021 5 I cant put into words the amount of thought that went into this blend. thank you so much it was well worth the money. 1951961918
Andrew 02/24/2021 5 1953075764
Andrew 02/24/2021 5 1959962637
Stephanie 02/23/2021 5 I got the oil today and I am enjoying it. It helps. Thank you so much for making it and for the sunflower seeds and the stickers. 1959916719
Melanie 02/20/2021 5 Super fast shipping! Thanks so much, great product! Love the tin as well! 1932548505
Charlotta 02/13/2021 5 Lovingly packed and more than fair amount. Very special! Thank you ❤️ 1916514220
Alexander 02/13/2021 5 The Sweet Dreams blend helps me ease into sleep nicely, more than I expected. It’s subtle, like my experience with the Wake Up blend, but is nice am happy having it. 1926151729
Alexander 02/13/2021 5 Very happy with the Wake Up blend! 1926151729
Alexander 02/13/2021 5 Would highly recommend this smoke blend! It has been a very nice way to help me kick addiction and also provides a nice subtle edge to start the say. 1926151729
Valerie Schalata 02/12/2021 5 Love it! Thank you! Reccomend Amanita Dreamer products! She puts so much love in it! 1932582865
Brandolin 02/11/2021 5 1924392113
Marie 02/06/2021 5 I got this for my son… I asked him how he liked it, his response was ‘OMG’      Need I say more. 1929418967
Marie 02/06/2021 5 A.Dreamer makes the most caring blends.   

🍄🍀 Sweet Dreams is a beautiful burn ritual.


Melanie 02/01/2021 5 Shipping was very fast. Love the tins. Thanks ladybug:) 1932540819
Melanie 02/01/2021 5 Super fast shipping! Can’t wait to try it :) 1932540819
Charlotta 01/31/2021 5 AmanitaDreamer is absolutely precious. I admire her work and products. Fast shipping and lovely packaging. I feel fortunate to have been able to purchase these before she ran out. Thank you again AmanitaDreamer! 1916514220
jsltexas1 01/29/2021 5 Looks beautiful, smells great! Can’t wait to try it! 1932166893
Janelle 01/28/2021 5 Thank you so much for this lovely blend. From my herbalist heart to yours. Perfect incense for lucid dreaming and visions, as well. 1925032807
nick 01/28/2021 5 Absolutely perfect came as advertised. Thank you so much for the care 1924969656
Kelly 01/28/2021 5 There are many reasons why this store and these products are setting a new gold standard. 1917130496
Ashley 01/25/2021 5 Really great shipping time, wonderful blend, taste is great! 1927664625
coryjcrider 01/19/2021 5 Was really smooth and enjoyable! My friends absolutely love it! 1829432292
Stephanie 01/01/2021 5 It smells wonderful and my husband can’t wait to get into it more!  Thank you so much for all you do, Dreamer. 1864508406
Jason N. 12/17/2020 5 Smells great can’t wait to try it! 1860871244
BobbieVanTassel 12/17/2020 5 This is extremely personal for me, but here goes nothing! I’ve struggled with trichotillomania for over two decades (I’m 32!), and NOTHING has helped. After years of therapy, I committed to a trip down to the Amazon of Peru to work with Ayahuasca. One ceremony *cured* this battle. Eight months into the coronavirus pandemic, I found myself using my Trich as a coping mechanism again. Luckily, I found this product and have been Trich free again! I am forever grateful to AmanitaDreamer for the plant medicines she provides. I use this blend in my meditations while setting my intention around my Trich. Not only have I not pulled, but I have also been sleeping better than I EVER have! Thank you thank you thank you! 1864761191
Jasmynn 12/12/2020 5 Everything arrived in perfect condition. Very quick as well! Thank you for everything that you do. Also thank you for the little extras. I wish you a safe and happy holidays! 🌟 1864741631
Joshua 12/12/2020 5 Super smooth and clean with nothing overwhelming. 1866981336
Clay 11/26/2020 5 1834662929
Sean 11/21/2020 5 Love the incense, and thank you for the extra stickers and lovely note. 1834801969
Jules 11/21/2020 5 1834782435
William 11/21/2020 5 Thank you for the awesome product. You are an inspiration. 1824003176
C 11/19/2020 5 This product looks and smells great! Can’t wait to use it during my meditation sessions.

Check out her YouTube channel! It’s pretty entertaining.

peacepixy 11/18/2020 4 She is great.  The shipping was pretty quick.  I just expected more from the product.  I know one batch was a little weaker and maybe I got that one?  I’ll still try though.  I love what she is doing and why. 1788548497
archdukeofchaos1 11/08/2020 5 1797972376
genesismontalvo07 11/07/2020 5 1817726515
Klaudia 11/07/2020 5 Good portion, beautiful aroma! Made with care. Thank you Amanita Dreamer!!! 1805615836
Kurtis 10/23/2020 4 Amanita Dreamer is an amazing person whom I believe is genuine and sincerely wants to help others.  I’ve enjoyed several of her products and her YouTube channel is enlightening, informative and entertaining. 1756004143
davidcooper90712 10/11/2020 5 1782479436
Kyle 09/21/2020 5 Thank you for the love put into this! 1756722615
Chris 09/19/2020 5 Perfect sized tin with the iconic artwork. Thank you! 1758352781
Chris 09/19/2020 5 Beautiful blend for contemplation and meditation! Thank you very much! Am looking forward to the other blends as well! 1758352781
Justin 09/17/2020 5 First time using this and I’d buy again if available thank you! 1752832236
Chris 09/17/2020 5 Wonderful! Very pleased. I hope to get more from you dreamer! 1752734736
Renee 09/11/2020 5 Amanita Dreamer is wonderful! There was some issues with my address on ETSY and she went way beyond what she had to in delivering her product. 1759045817
COURT 09/10/2020 5 very nice! helps so much with relaxation 1751042864
Alice 09/10/2020 5 Absolutely amazingly magical product for “incense” or tea. Truly hope she continues to make more powerfully life altering “incense” with Am. muscaria. 1747199448
BeigesCloset 09/09/2020 5 I love this little tin and my Amanita Dreamer  <3

Thanks for the little note and the free sticker too.

chris12oman 09/07/2020 5 1740531753
Donna 09/07/2020 5 Better than expected.  Such love put into this.  Thank you. 1756238895
Ayla 09/05/2020 5 Absolutely WONDERFUL incense blend. I will most definitely be purchasing again, if AD ever makes more again 1745435882
Aleksander 08/28/2020 5 1741584945
Dustin 08/23/2020 5 Could not be happier with the incense! Will definitely order again if AD is kind enough to craft more. Thanks again! 1729231270
Eric 08/19/2020 5 Wow. Thank you❤❤ 1740151871