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Heart oil is BOLD muscaroil. But it’s different. When I make muscaroil I pack dried mushrooms in the jar and add the oil. I do rounds of heat and cooling then let it sit for a month. When I strain the mushrooms out, they are hard and crisp and retain some of the oil after it all drains out. When I press these, a small amount of the oil that has been locked up inside them since they first absorbed the oil, comes out. This oil is super saturated with the actives extracted from the mushroom as it has been directly in contact with it from the inside. I call this heart oil. As you can imagine, not only is it super powerful, it is also hard to come by. This batch is the result of 6 months worth of batches of oil. When it’s gone it will be a while before more is available. This is 5mls in a clear glass bottle with a screw top lid. Use sparingly. Apply directly to skin where you feel discomfort. You can always dilute it too.

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