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Tune into the mushroom voice, a silent sage in nature’s symphony, revealing secrets of growth and resilience that echo the power within you.

I am desperate and really need to talk to you.

I cannot give personal help about personal issues or advice about medical issues, medicines, life choices, tapering etc. This is practicing medicine without a license and is a serious crime in the US. Please consult your medical person, get involved in our community and make use of all the resources here. If you are in an emergent state please reach out to your local hotline until you can calm down and find some peace. Call your local emergency for medical care to get you through if you feel you need that. There really is no failure or harm in getting some help until you can stand on your own.

I see the oils are for topical use but can I use them orally?

They have not been treated with a preservative and are not considered oral use products.

I can’t wait to trip, thank you for this.

There is not enough here in any one product to get high. It is a perfect blend of research to create a desired effect in small doses as this mushroom, unlike others, is very powerful in small doses.

Hey Dreamer, I am on a prescription drug, do you know if it’s safe to use amanita also?

I cannot answer questions about pharmaceuticals. In the US that is practicing medicine without a license and it is illegal. Please become familiar with what pathways and receptors amanita uses and what pathways your medication affects to make choices. As always consulting your medical care provider is important for questions about drug interactions.