Summer Solstice Kit


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It’s time once again for the summer solstice rituals. This kit gives you the tools you need to create your own ritual at home.It comes with a ritual card to guide you in your preparations on one side and carrying out your ceremony on the other. This time your kit is packed with items!

  • An amanita face toner to clean your face. Ibotenic acid will stimulate your skin and make you feel refreshed and bright.
  • The ceremonial oil which is a blend of panther and muscaroil with rosemary. Apply to wrists and ankles to anoint yourself.
  • Gardenia hydrosol for after the ceremony to refresh your sheets and body when you head to bed
  • A selenite rod for moving energy
  • A dose of the tincture of the mushroom for your ritual
  • A rune card to give you your elder futhark rune as your focus until the fall equinox
  • Your ritual card (2 sided)

I have a class on rituals over on on the events page.

I have many videos on the powerful work that happens on the solstices in the Spiritual playlist on YouTube. This will help you take advantage of this very special time for the humans. I wish you powerful ritual!

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